NEET 2017 Upper Age Limit Removed

NEET 2017 Upper Age Limit Removed

MCI (Medical Council of India) has decided to remove the upper age limit of 25 years from the NEET notification giving a great relief to NEET aspirants. MCI Executive Committee Vice President Dr C V Bhirmanandam, said that MCI is not against the larger interest of the medical aspirants and would like to give the opportunity to more such applicants to take up the NEET examination.

The Supreme Court judgment regarding the upper age limit on March 20 is good. A panel under Justice R M Lodha was in favour of striking down the upper age limit. As per the recommendations of the panel, the Supreme Court of India would finally pass its judgment.

A senior CBSE official did not comment over the incident and said they have not received any information in this regard and there is still doubts over the re-opening of the application window.

MCI has decided to roll back the upper age limit after their executive level meeting. Mr. Bhirmanandam said, “We are getting rid of the upper age limit from NEET applications and MCI is not in favour of limiting the opportunities of candidates who are keen on taking Medicine as their career". He also said that as India is facing a dearth of qualified doctors and if the efforts to become a doctor are limited if their age is restricted, that would be a bad thing. He also said that upper age limit would remain unchanged for the years to come.

This is a turnaround of MCI, one of the respondent parties in the petition along with the Centre and CBSE, filed by the medical students against the upper age limit in Supreme Court. Dr Anand Rai, who was heading the petition against the imposition of upper age limit in NEET application, said that we have forced the government and MCI to stand down once again. A medical aspirant who wants to become a doctor must not be limited by age.

CBSE closed the NEET UG application process on March 1, and we need to wait if new dates come up and those candidates would be excited to hear if the application window will open for them again. CBSE is expected to rework the applications process that closed on March 1.